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teki stopped to our last sabotage party!


it took way too long! finally found time to update galleries!

weekend warriors

Miami Mixtape

listen a mixtape i made for sabotage clicking the cover below.


i’ve met Sam in New York City a few months ago and if you are into turntablism you should know him under the name Shiftee. i’ve invited him in Milan for a couple of events. Steve showed up to eat a slice of pandoro with us and to check out some new Sixpack t-shirts before his gig. watch the video below to see some Shiftee’s tricks!


These pictures are from last carnival. I forgot to post them before. sorry!


I’ve spent a couple of days in Palermo for an event with Etienne De Crecy, that town is great, food is the best part, thanks to Federico and Simone for inviting me. The day after i’ve met my friend Steve at a crazy and super packed club near my hometown then went to Sabotage with the homies.