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birthday bash

it’s birthday time for myself and zelda, thanks everyone for the good time!

house party!

umbrella party

awesome day spent with fool’s gold fam in brooklyn. rain made it epic. more pics from nyc coming soon!
check out chromeo’s recent performance from letterman here!

one night in the L.A. Suburban

2 many

back in milan.

blink weekend

when i was younger i was a huge fan of blink. the other day i had to work for macbeth at blink show in bologna. the show was pretty cool but it wasn’t like ten years ago.. at least no one threw bottles at them.

the hills have eyes

i always wanted to see these deserts. we left the vegas’ strip and we drove toward utah passing by awesome sceneries. super warm winds and amazing colours. magic places!

san fran

san francisco is one of my favourite californian towns..i love it, except for the weather. we drove to sausalito, a nice sea town right after the golden gate bridge and we had sausages at rosamund.

san diego

some photos from west coast, so many to upload still. san diego was cool! the beach is the part i loved most. i whish i could surf and live in that house facing the ocean.