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northern europe


this gallery is the result of few days spent on the road with a-trak during april and may 2012.

big boys don’t cry

this is the final part of the european tour i’ve been documenting for my friend a-trak, you can find the complete galleries at

i’ll never forget dj mehdi and the moments i’ve been lucky enough to share with him during this experience. may he rest in peace.

hard summer

two weeks ago i went to west coast for a couple of gigs. check out my favourite photos from hard fest in LA. you can find the complete gallery on the a-trak facebook page.

this is how i “rolo”

online some new pictures from the second weekend that i’ve spent on the road with the bands. milan show was huge! rolo tomassi from uk was one of the special guests with the trio heike has the giggles.


friday i went to the jamaica concert in milan. the band is from paris and is produced by  the electro duo named “justice”. viva la rock!

one night in the L.A. Suburban

2 many

back in milan.

blink weekend

when i was younger i was a huge fan of blink. the other day i had to work for macbeth at blink show in bologna. the show was pretty cool but it wasn’t like ten years ago.. at least no one threw bottles at them.

do you have a card? no.

photographers in nyc are very professional and take very seriously their paparazzi work, they have cards to hand to people with links to their blogs and even free stickers. everytime i got asked for “a card” i end typing my blog address on their phones.

teenage wasteland


miami fools

sweet potatoes!

tons of friends!

Tons Of Friends is the title of the new Crookers’ album. Tons of friends were present at the release party in Milan!