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big boys don’t cry

this is the final part of the european tour i’ve been documenting for my friend a-trak, you can find the complete galleries at

i’ll never forget dj mehdi and the moments i’ve been lucky enough to share with him during this experience. may he rest in peace.

look at me now

click on the cover for a link to a remix i did for Chris Brown track “Look At Me Now”. I loved that synth sound so much that i decided to chop it and speed it up into a 130BPM track to play in “dance” dj sets.
Feel free to post it on your blog. It comes with a free 320 MP3 downloadable file.

Chris Brown – Look At Me Now (LVCA REMIX)

new reeeeemix!

Booka Shade – Regenerate (LVCA Remix)
click on the cover and listen some of the tunes i make.  new photos on the way, i’ve been lazy..


last month i’ve spent two days in paris to meet some friends and check out a couple of events. this town is definitely one of the best in the old continet! love you paris!


spent two days in amsterdam inside an office at sole technology europe. i was lucky enough to spend few hours to explore the city and drink a beer with a friend.

birthday bash

it’s birthday time for myself and zelda, thanks everyone for the good time!

the hills have eyes

i always wanted to see these deserts. we left the vegas’ strip and we drove toward utah passing by awesome sceneries. super warm winds and amazing colours. magic places!

san fran

san francisco is one of my favourite californian towns..i love it, except for the weather. we drove to sausalito, a nice sea town right after the golden gate bridge and we had sausages at rosamund.

san diego

some photos from west coast, so many to upload still. san diego was cool! the beach is the part i loved most. i whish i could surf and live in that house facing the ocean.

nights out

nueva york

new  york city again.. for some reason i’m here. again!

the deserts

las vegas smells like scent of an old lady.. let’s get out of the strip and drive into the deserts.. direction utah!
ps: im not sure if the photos i’ve taken with my film camera will be okay.
i think the heat in the desert screwed the film.. we’ ll see.

sac fran diego

i’m in california visiting friends. sacramento, san francisco and san diego before a trip to vegas.
san francisco is always damn cold but so fascinating.

williamsburg fools

beer garden, pool, friends.. some black and white ones


me and gabri went to mestre, italy, to spin some records at some party but the place was so empty that we found funnier to take pictures instead.