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this gallery is the result of few days spent on the road with a-trak during april and may 2012.


it took way too long! finally found time to update galleries!

weekend warriors

milan riots




the other day i’ve found an old and expired film, im not a fan of lomography or anything that consists in using poor quality cameras and films to get a vintage look in photography but i decided to give it a chance anyway and i used it during this past weekend.


i’ve met Sam in New York City a few months ago and if you are into turntablism you should know him under the name Shiftee. i’ve invited him in Milan for a couple of events. Steve showed up to eat a slice of pandoro with us and to check out some new Sixpack t-shirts before his gig. watch the video below to see some Shiftee’s tricks!


paris – milan

some b&w shots from my last night in paris. that after party was pretty fun! the rest of the gallery is just another club night in milan.


friday i went to the jamaica concert in milan. the band is from paris and is produced by  the electro duo named “justice”. viva la rock!

house party!

2 many

back in milan.